Welcome to Lifelong Wealth Strategies!

Lifelong Wealth Strategies is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor in White Plains, NY

Founded by Angelo Gallo, Lifelong Wealth Strategies, LLC offers individually managed accounts to clients.  These are common brokerage accounts owned by and completely accessible to the client at any time.  This arrangement enables clients to have complete transparency and direct-control over their account.  The individual account approach directly contrasts the hedge-fund arrangement whereby assets of all clients are comingled together. Our services are offered to individuals and ERISA Pension Plans.

The period 2000-2013 has proven to be one of the most challenging in history for investors, and even more so for those employing the common Wall Street methods previously mentioned.  On the other hand, the 1980s and 1990s were much easier periods to invest and allowed for the hope that through the passage of time investments would increase in value.  However, times have changed and hope is not a strategy.  The world is moving faster than ever before.  Today, it is critical to have a flexible mindset and a strategy dynamic enough to know when it’s time to grow wealth and when it’s time to protect it.

If you would like to have a conversation to discuss your circumstances and how our process could work for you please call us at (914) 761-3237. Or click here.

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2016 Forecast

2016 forecast

At the end of the year Barron’s Magazine gathers the opinions of well-known mutual fund managers to gather their economic/stock market forecast for the upcoming year. The forecast for 2015 called for the following: GDP growth of 3-3.5%, profit growth of 8-10%, a 10yr bond yield of 3%, and the S&P 500 at 2275. For 2015, GDP growth […]

A Change of Seasons

It seems that investors have become complacent regarding the health of the economy. Changes occur at the margin as things go from great to less great. We are a very late cycle economy with a global slowdown in growth combined with dis-inflation. This is what the markets are now dis-counting. Lower interest rates, bonds, the […]

2015-07-31 Market Comments


According to Bloomberg, $406B of Mergers & Acquisition deals have been announced globally this quarter, including $170B in the past week alone. This puts 2015 on track for a record year with projected volumes north of $1T. The annual record prior to that? Yup: 2000. As I’ve told clients many times, Bull stock markets and […]

The Bull Still Has Legs


Despite its age, the current bull market in stocks is still alive. Historically they average 39 months, but at 62 months the current one is not showing any signs to indicate the end is imminent or as we call it, Major Market Top. In recent months, market pundits have been calling for a Bear market […]

2014-09-12 “Some Grey around the Temples”

secular bull and bear markets

In previous letters I’ve written about how the current long-term uptrend of the stock market is beginning to show signs of age. I’ve characterized it as “getting gray around the temples.” What it means is that slow, albeit subtle, change is taking place beneath the surface and this change is not being reflected in the […]